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2 September
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Most of my thoughts are private. Therefore, most of my entries can only be viewed by friends. I'm positive I'm the biggest closet pessimist ever. I worry like it's my job. It's annoying how pop culture-y I can be sometimes. I want to live in a city but I never want to leave my town. I want to feed the world's hungry but I don't want to feed myself. I need green tea to breathe. I get anxiety if I eat non-organic food or if I eat food from far away countries. I used to have super bad hypochondria but I'm improving. I haven't drank coffee in almost a year.
I leave myself post-it notes all over my house. I could live in health food shops. I've always been fascinated by Asian culture. My bedroom is full of weird and childish things. I used to always thing about getting drunk, now I always think about the calories in alcohol. I'm inspired by photography. I comment a lot and I always read your entries. Don't add me if you're not going to read me.

PRO-ED FUCKS ME OFF!!!!!! Just had to say that. There's a difference between having an ED and discussing it, and telling people to 'starve on' and all that shit. Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

Other than that it's pretty much impossible for me to be a bitch.

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